Chrystal Rose Ray Healing – In person or by distance/phone

isis healing

I have been a sensitive from the time I was a little girl.  My awareness of the intelligence of all living things throughout my life has led me to a natural connection and communion with the spirit or life forms not just humans and pets but of trees, crystals, animals and Mother Earth.  I am predominantly clairaudient so I easily receive healing guidance through my sense of hearing.  My gifts have been a catalyst to learn how to bring healing and love through by making myself an instrument in service to the love and light of Holy Mother.

I have been called to energy healing for nearly thirty years now.  Included in my training for energy healing is Master Level Reiki, Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Magnified Healing and Integrative Energy Healing (also known as IET).

In 2002 I enrolled with the Fellowship of Isis in the Priesthood Training Program, Crossroads Lyceum, and graduated as a Priestess of Aset/Mary devoting myself to Energy Healing and Spiritual Guidance.  During my training I had a spontaneous experience with Her that was the beginning of a series of energetic activations over several years equating to a unique and powerful healing system originally referred to as “Golden Isis (the Egyptian name for Mary ) Secheim”, and most recently revised to “Chrystal Rose Ray  Healing” to reflect the full nature of the energy.  There are several mantras that activate several levels of healing energy in one treatment, unlike Reiki or Shamballa that use a single mantra.

From 2009 –  2014 I experienced a life threatening illness and I used the techniques of this healing system nearly every day I was able.  In the past several months subsequent to my recovery I have been urged by Isis and Master Jesus to share what Isis deems as her miracles through me, and to share the gifts I have been given with others.  I have survived terminal cancer, radical emergency surgeries, I am a mom of two little boys with autism, became a home schooler after their being bullied one too many times in public schools,  lived through divorce with an ex-husband who cracked under the weight of adversity.  In short I have walked in the shoes of many who suffer in life and as a healer we are often asked to be able to do so in order to truly support healing and cultivate empathy and compassion for others suffering with out judgment.  A healer must also be equally fearless as compassionate and facing death certainly brought me face to face with many fears that taught me a great deal about the need to rise above it.  I have learned that we must never give up hope on ourselves and those in need of healing.  Miracles can and do happen and I have become living proof of that myself having been given less then six months to live back in 2011.

As a result it feels like the right time to make my energy healing work and training available to the public.  All healing is on a sliding scale basis.

This energy is very powerful.  Some people will experience sensations of tingling or even heat in the body.  These are validations that the healing is working.  I also receive spiritual guidance during my healing sessions and always am happy to share information I receive on the healing recipient’s behalf.

Chrystal Rose Ray Healing is a form of energy healing like Reiki, but it is not Reiki.  Early in my experience with this healing energy I shared it with my Chiropractor and she exclaimed “This is not Reiki!”, and she told me the next day after her session she had the energy to organize her entire office; something she had been procrastinating for many years!  It is also a deeply loving energy, grounding the recipient in deeper peace and self love and self acceptance.  Some times core soul issues or wounding will be identified for healing.  I have done soul retrieval and inner child healing work as part of my sessions because this healing is also shamanistic.   Secheim is an Epyptian word for “power” as in spiritual power and the derivative of the Goddess Sekhmet’s name who is also responsible for teaching me much about Secheim.  The word secheim is similar in connotation to Reiki  which means life force energy and life force healing.  Secheim is not just specific to Egypt and came from the spiritual traditions of Sirius.  Sirius is said to be the Soul of Isis and Her home.  Many lightworkers are not originally from this planet but came from many different places in the cosmos such as the Pleades and Sirius to support the spiritual evolution of the planet.  Many peoples cross culturally speak of these interventions such as the Dogon and the Native Americans.  Some of these peoples are their descendants.  I received quite a bit of information that the reason for my knowledge and ability with Secheim healing (Chrystal Rose Ray Healing) comes from my experiences through previous life times including many devoted to the Goddesses we know of in ancient Egypt, traditions that were actually transplanted from Sirius.

Please contact me at:, or for more information or if you would like to schedule an appointment.

In love and light…

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