What is “Golden Isis Sekhm Secheim” Healing?

Secheim healing comes to us from our star families/lineages, who brought them to the planet in the process of many migration efforts to evolve and cultivate the light on Mother Earth in all life forms.

If you are drawn to this information, you are a lightworker (not everyone is), and you have already had lifetimes working in secheim.  In reality, this healing system is a remembering of what you already know.

Our spiritual brothers and sisters from other planets, solar systems and universes brought a number of variations of frequencies of Secheim healing over time to our planet.

There are many different systems of secheim with different healing focuses or qualities.  One is the series of Rose Secheims.  There are Orders of the Rose and you may even find others who are writing about their experiences with these Rose orders.  It exists within the inner planes and is available to those who open their hearts to it.  These Orders hold many mystery traditions of Mother God and the Divine Feminine, the Goddess Mystery traditions.  There are also those who tried to preserve and practice those traditions over time despite religious persecution such as the Templars.

Master Jesus and Mary Magdelene both studied as priest and priestess in Egypt.  Mary Magdelene was a Secheim Priestess.  I received this information through guidance and it is also collaborated by Tom Kenyon‘s work.  Mary was a powerful healer, and the couple was controversial because even though it was in keeping for a Rabbi to marry in order to minister, it was not part of the practice for the wife to stand along side the husband in ministry as an equal.  This however was more common in Egyptian culture and Jesus and Mary Magdelene were intending bring back this influence to their people in order to restore the balance of Divine Feminine and Masculine in their culture and spiritual traditions.  After the cruxifiction, Mary had to escape because of her healing gifts and because of her spiritual light/enlightenment = power, which was too threatening to their traditional male dominant culture.

This is the basis of the rift between Gnostic Christianity and Apostolic Christianity.  The Templars preserved the Twin Flame tradition, as witnessed in Gnostic Priesthood, where both men and women could become Gnostic Priests.  This tradition recognized direct experience with the Divine with out the need for intermediaries.  They preserved the Grail tradition of the Heart and the Sacral Chakras as portals to the inner planes and God the Mother. Her symbol was The Rose and secret code for the Fibonacci Spiral and the Sacred Spiral of Mother God’s Mystery Traditions. This was reiterated in the teachings of Mary Magdelene, and to this day a statue in the South of France remains from a more ancient time, where she is seen depicted holding the Grail in front of her abdomen.  It is clear the implications of the power of creation, procreation and portals to the divine through the alchemy of conjunction.

The power of procreation, and creation, the power of love; all these things are equated with God the Mother and traditions that predate Judea-Christian Traditions.  The Roman Catholic Church could not compete with the Goddess Tradition and instead to consolidate their power suppressed the Divine Feminine by erecting their churches over sacred wells and grotos The Mother, by confiscating sacred relics, by recruiting women of means as nuns in order to confiscate their land and wealth, that was previously handed down matrilineally, writing the Goddess out of the Bible and indoctrinating followers through fear and intimidation.

Today we still suffer untold psychological wounds from the denial of the sanctity of not just the Divine Male but the Divine Female.

The attunements to “Golden Isis Sekhm Secheim” will pass on some of the many versions of Secheim and you will naturally and spontaneously access the secheims that you have worked in from other times and incarnations.

Ancient Egypt was a place that was deeply anchored in the Rays of Secheim.  Secheim is like an Egyptian version of “Tao”.  Secheim is “The Path of Love”.  It is the Path of Empowerment, or Self-Actualization that is the result of healing fear/anti-Christ consciousness and clearing that energy out to make more room for the light of the Christed Self as a Daughter or Son of God.  Secheim is a process that can help you to become consciously aware of owning and embodying your personal power which is your star essence, holy light as a God Being, microcosm of the macrocosm.

We are asked to walk Secheim, The Path of Love, the Good Red Road of Native American Traditions.  It is to be mindful that every moment is a choice to live and be your own light in the darkness, and to know your heart rests at all times in the heart of Creator, that every breath is with a Grace that exceeds our comprehension, to know you are held at all times in the body of The Mother and there is no finality, but transitions where endings are one side of the same coin of new beginnings.  Every time we reject the Self, the christed path, we choose to participate in the split from God, the light, and we loose our way in our shadow self, our anti-christed self.  We move further from self healing, self-love and God knowing.  We move towards fear and decrease our light in our body.

We don’t need to give our power to others to seek power.  We don’t need intermediaries.  We are already directly connected, at one with God via our Soul.  Through meditation, contemplation, prayer, art, song, anything healing we are opening our heart to receive nourishment of the light, nurture from the Divine.  We live secheim.  We are secheim.




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