The Sacredness of Water – A Grail Mystery Revealed

benedicta viniditas cyr

Benedicta Viniditas – Art by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

A few years ago Mother God shared with me that as we shower or bath daily, we are literally baptized in her waters of life and therefore receive cleansing at the spiritual level. We are given the gift of forgiveness daily and if we can be mindful of this profound blessing we can experience the power of the divine feminine in a simple act the we always otherwise take for granted. All water is the element of the Divine Feminine, that is Mother God. Water is the amniotic fluid from which we are birthed, and therefore, each day we can be reborn in her water and affirm that we forgive ourselves and others as we shower, we can intend surrender to the Will of Mother God, the Divine, we can intend Her will be done through us. We can Let God and Let Go.

For more on Water Mysteries go here:

Further as the water cleanses you, make yourself an instrument for her: affirm the water is once more infused, charged and vibrating at the highest level of light, joy, Mother God as it washes over you, and affirm each drop sent back in the perfection you received it so that every drop of water it touches, every granule of soil, will be restored to the frequency of Love/Light of Mother God in the body of Gaia, the sacred grid of the planet.

We are all God Beings, we just need to be more conscious of how we use our thoughts, intentions and actions to build the light within ourselves and the planet.

You can go to my next blog page for an example of a sacred prayer to water that I use daily in sacred communion with water:

May the light fill you and surround you.  May you walk the Path of Love, Sekhm Secheim…Anahita Aurora

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