cheryl yambrach rose

Art by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

All spiritual healing and support offered on this website are intended as part of an integrated approach to healing and should not be considered a replacement for traditional medicine.

“I received a profound healing during a ‘Chrystal Rose Ray’ healing session with Nancy.
This beautiful healing energy helped me to heal at a deep level. It goes to the root of the problem such as inner child  and karmic issues which may unfold as time goes on.  
It also works with Sacred Geometry of Light to activate the White Diamond and Rainbow lightbody through all dimensions for a complete healing. Connecting with this energy helped me with the process of re-birth to higher consciousness.
It also helped me with my connection to The Divine Feminine energy and wisdom. 
With thanks, love , and gratitude
Sue Bouthot”
healing angels
“I have received Chrystal Rose Ray Healing with Nancy and have felt this beautiful healing, illuminate both my emotional and physical body.  It is a very subtle loving energy that helps you to heal.  Nancy is the most authentic and loving person I know.  I always feel so safe when receiving healing from her.  She creates a space that is so full of love, healing and guidance.  Since the beginning of receiving energy from Nancy, I have had amazing spiritual growth.  My intuitive gifts have just blossomed. It has truly been such an incredible journey for me.   I know now, how divinely guided each of us are.  Nancy I want to thank you for bringing in this beautiful energy to share with us, teach us and to heal us.  I feel so blessed to be part of this beautiful White Isis Healing.
Love and light,
Nina Charpentier”
divine mother



“Nancy performed the “Chrystal Rose Ray” Healing with me by phone.  She used the healing power of sound and was guided to heal my feet.  I have plantar fasciitis and dysfunctional tendons which make it difficult to walk without daily pain.  I was amazed at the beautiful imagery/visions I had during the healing.  So much came forward for me…….my animal totems, shamanic healing, and I could literally feel water and sand wrapping around my feet during the process.  I saw myself being crowned with diamonds and this is when she activated the White Diamond and Sacred Geometry of Light.  Nancy’s loving  and healing energy is very special to me.  I noticed a difference within my feet the very next day.  I had been nervous about going to NYC and having to walk a lot, but I was able to do so.  It has been a few weeks since the healing session and I have noticed the cramps and pain have subsided even more.  I am very pleased and look forward to my next session with her!  She is truly gifted and helped me to connect with my body and I have grown more spiritually.  I am blessed to have received this healing from her.  Thank you Nancy!  May love and light surround you always, Ellen Brooks”

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