Nine Month Initiatic Program – Priestess of the Rose and Grail Keeper Training, Chrystal Rose Ray Energy Healing Practitioner



grail cheryl yambrach rose

Art by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Description:  Nine Month Training Program leading to Ordination as a Daughter and Priestess of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose,  Grail Keeper and Chrystal Rose Ray Healing Practitioner

There is no separation between the dynamic energies of creation that exist on the planet and our own bodies, our sacred temples through which the divine is constantly expressing.  Learning to be a Grail Keeper is to remember these creational energies and align in right relationship within our own bodies and nature,  deepen our understanding of the sacred connections that run through all expressions of life and awaken to the sacred in each moment.  It is further to actively channel in the spirit of service these abilities as part and parcel of our spiritual empowerment as Divine Humans.  We have forgotten basic skills to be in harmony with these energies, to master ourselves in our lives and be instruments for the miracles, magic and joy that Creator intends.  Grail Keeper training is a series of gatherings, meditations, journeying, sharing, and activating psychic and spiritual forces and energy healing abilities within ourselves for service and healing people, places and planet.  Grail Keeper training is a remembering and uncovering of our spiritual gifts and strength (known as spiritual power) at a time when living with more wisdom and inner peace is greatly needed.

Begins:  Sunday, June 28 2016, 1 PM

Lead by: Nancy Fanara-Berrian (Anahita Aurora) , (Bio at the bottom of the course description)

Tuition:  $11, $22 or $33.00 per month sliding scale

Enrollment:  Please submit in writing your spiritual path work including practices, attunements to healing systems or initiations, your experience with the Wounded and Divine Feminine and the Wounded and Divine Masculine, and the Feminine Face of God.  What do you hope to learn from this training and how you intend to use this program to serve your community or at an expanded level including globally.  Contact Nancy Fanara at: or

Goal:  You will learn ancient mystery teachings that blend with an ancient and advanced energy healing system for personal transformation and service to people, places and the planet.  Attunement to “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing” -an energy healing system and tradition that teaches and manifests transformation from the inside out.  Learn, access, embrace and embody every individual’s true nature as a Divine Human/Humane embodiment.  As we heal, love and transform ourselves, we do so for our families, our communities and our world.  As we heal our consciousness and unconscious material, we heal the reality we create for ourselves and our relations.  Witness transformation in your own life and perceptions and you will be empowered to bring healing to your own life, people, places and the spirit of the land through space clearing, psychic work and spirit releasement.

Course Description:

Every woman is a Goddess, a Priestess; a sacred container of divine impulses.  Our culture however continues to perpetuate the archetypes of the wounded masculine and feminine.  It is insidious and we live it with out realizing it.  It is time to break this cycle and heal these archetypes with in our self.  As we heal our own inner masculine and feminine, active and receptive principles, we align directly and clearly with Mother/Father/Creator and make ourselves a more intentional and affective instrument to serve humanity and to manifest more clearly and easily what you really came here to do.

We are all intended to be  embodiment of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, an instrument for Creator and Holy Mother/Father/Spirit to work through.  The Holy Feminine has continued to be misunderstood and suppressed in the culture.  It is up to women especially to rebirth themselves and their self-perceptions (this goes for men too) to heal our understanding about the healthy manifestation and complementary interaction of the divine masculine and feminine in relating to ourselves, our partners, our children, our community and this planet.  It is an essential shift in consciousness if we want to contribute to healing this world.  We must start with our own psychic back yard.

In this nine month experiential training program we will cultivate our direct relationship with our Divine Self and Mother God in particular in an effort to recover from a very unhealthy culture and enhance and cultivate our spiritual self.  We will work with healing the wounded masculine and feminine and integrate the Divine Masculine and Feminine through energy healing, guided meditations, journaling and bring healing to ourselves, our loved ones and also our environement including space clearing and healing the Device Intellegence of land, home and ancestral spirits.  We will heal and re-establish our connection to Mother Earth and our relationship to Water.

We will experience Mother God and The Motherhood of Light through meditation and energy work, and they will help us remember and reclaim our true divine nature as Her Divine Children; our true Christed/Crystaline Nature and gifts as Divine Children of Creator and the Grail Legacy that is available to all of us.  As we become fully conscious and empowered as Divine Beings we realize that we are instruments for the divine to work through us and as we align in right relations with the Divine and Mother Earth we become a force for goodness that is unstoppable!

How this program came about:

In 2008 Nancy was contacted by the Motherhood of Light, who are the many cross cultural representations of The One Mother God.  Over time she received spontaneous activations and a system of training in Earth Mysteries and Goddess Traditions that is a remembering through many life times.  These are ancient traditions that are preserved in the inner planes by these wise and loving beings, the many Goddesses through many cultures and times as the embodiment of the Holy Mother, who have been waiting to help us remember our Divine Nature and our spiritual gifts.

Over time she was told by the Motherhood of Light that this initial rite is considered a “Daughtering Ceremony”, which is an opportunity for each participant to consciously awaken and acknowledge her relationship to Mother God as a Divine Daughter.  Through sacred ceremony participants make a connection in sacred space and time with Holy Mother and Sacred Self to carry into our daily lives.

Nancy continued to receive teachings from the Motherhood of Light and over several years including, practices, systems and techniques that coalesced into a system aligning deeply and reclaiming the Feminine face of God, her physical manifestation as Mother Earth, which has been deemed “Grail Keeper Training”.

Love.  We must remember that is what we came from and the only true reality even in a world struggling to remember itself and it’s divinity, many lightworkers volunteered to embody spiritual light and compassion for themselves and their families and communities.  The journey has not been easy for lightworkers and we have struggled along side those who are not yet awake.  This training will help you to know you are supported in this work and you are not alone and that every challenge is an opportunity to build our spiritual light and strength if we accept what the universe has to show and teach us.

This group will be a remembering of what it means to hold the light, and right relations with self, our families, our communities, Mother Earth and all Her creation.  We will gather in sisterhood, meaning connection, validation and support as we remember ourselves and matriarchal ways of creating community and sacred space for going deeper in to our hearts to heal and explore our depths to better know ourselves and what we came here to do in service to humanity, what ever that looks and like and feels sacred to you.  We can choose to be an instrument through caregiving as a parent, a pet owner, a gardener, a neighbor and employee, or being as unconventional as your soul yearns to express.  The most humblest of paths is no more or less important then another.  Everything is sacred and so is everyone.  What you came to offer is sacred and needed now.  We will be focusing in monthly gatherings to access these deeper truths of ourselves.

Some gatherings will be on location learning as weather permits to work with and send healing to ourselves, Devic Intellegence, the spirit of the land, our communities, natural resources and the plantet etc.

Topics Covered  – Sisterhood of the Rose/Grail Keeper Training/Chrystal Rose Ray Healing Practitioner:

Nine meetings, once a month on a Sunday.  Begins June 2016 – October 2016.  Reconvening Feb. 2017 – April 2017.

Nancy’s meeting with the Motherhood of Light, their wisdom teachings, what a Grail Keeper is, who we are as lightworkers

Ordination as a Priestess of the Rose and Grail Keeper at the end of the training and following a year and a day of practicing the system ( Known as “The Daughtering Ceremony”).

Attunement to the “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing” system, a two session training, which will include one day for attunement and a second day for practicing and grounding the energy.  This is a very high level and transformative energy healing system that is grounding the lost rays of the Goddess back into the planet.

Using “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing” you will learn communion and connection with Mother Earth, right relations with Earth, Air, Fire and Water; the elements of creation.  The healing will further be grounded through experiential practice for space clearing working with healing the spirit of the land, the Devic intellegance or Angel of your home,  healing ancestral spirits of the land.  Spirit Releasement will also be covered.

Commuion with Devic Intellegence of Plants and Crystals

Experience communion with Holy Mother and your unique Goddess Spiritual Guides

Training in Goddess Mystery Traditions. Discussion of the Sacred Spiral of the Goddess and why it needs to be consciously reactivated and remembered in our daily practices.  The Key of Life, Goddess Mystery Tradition and Sacred Geometry of the Self, the Planet and the Cosmos, the Tenets  of the Motherhood of Light

Understanding the function Bright Goddess/Dark Goddess, how to call upon them for healing and to access and heal soul wounding, shadow, and the transformation and dissolving of fear consciousness (and the necessity of doing so).

Healing Ceremony of Wounded Masculine/Wounded Feminine and Inner Child, to integrate expanded divine soul self.  Healing “The Split” within all of us.

Deep grounding practices in manifesting and intention

The power of deep spiritual practices: Meditation and Prayer and forging closer relationships in daily practices with the Divine.

Bring more love, joy, conscious awareness, compassion and peace into your self, your family,  community and the planet

Psychic Development

Initiation into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries of Water

Aligning the Heart of the Self, with the Heart of Mother Earth, Work with Devic Intelligence of plants, crystals and the Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water within ourselves and the planet.

Experiential gatherings in sacred space where we cultivate a safe place to validate our spiritual experiences, community, spiritual sisterhood, non-competition as in matriarchal cultural traditions .  Learning what connects us, and the illusion of separation.  Some gatherings will be in nature weather permitting.  The sacred significance of Sojourner Truth statue in Florence, MA, ceremony to honor water during the Venus Transit and Water Songline from Native American tradition.

The role of the new children

Final Rite:  Earth Healing with the Deva of a place, ancestral land healing, Holy Grail Annointing Rite and Mastery of Living Light Activation.

Upon completion initiates will be required to put into practice the training for a year and a day.  At that time you will be asked to submit an essay reflecting upon how you have implemented the practices and how you are formulating your service as a Divine Daughter, Sister of the Rose and a Grail Keeper.

Although this is a training it is also a beginning and these practices are of benefit for a life time and a spiritual cultivation ripens with time.

These teachings are intended to be complimentary and does not exclude any spiritual tradition, religion or practice as long as it harms none.

Tuition:  Sliding Scale/Honor System  $11, $22 or $33.00 per session

For more information contact Nancy at: or or 413-657-7966

You can use the on line form below as well to contact me about the training.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Nancy Fanara-Berrian (Anahita Aurora):

Nancy is a mom of two beautiful little boys on the spectrum of autism, whom she homeschools, a survivor of Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer, a musician, who has worked in Energy Healing for nearly thirty years.  Her spiritual seeking began in earnest after graduating from college in 1984 with a BA in History. She began practicing Siddha Yoga Meditation.  The practice of meditation has been a corner stone of her spiritual practice  that she attributes to successfully rebirthing herself out of what our culture names “terminal cancer”.  She became ordained as a Priestess of Isis within the Fellowship of Isis in 2006, and simultaneously during this time through spontaneous transmission received “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing” through the grace of Aset and Sekhmet, Goddesses of the Egyptian Pantheon and “The Holy Grail Annointing Rite” through Aset/Mary and the Motherhood of Light”.  This was a remembering of gifts and trainings of many previous lifetimes being shared once more.  Nancy considers herself a mystic.  The past several years have required her to focus deeply on own inner work and healing. The time has come that she is being asked to share her lifetime work with others.  In addition to “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing”,  and “Grail Keeper Training”, Nancy is a Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healer, Reiki Master , Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Magnified Healer with post graduate studies in Counseling Psychology at Rivier College, N.H..  She has studied Earth Healing with Christan Hummel, shamanic work with Cathy Pedevillano, Jill Gaitenbery Eldridge, “Dream Shifting” with John Perkins, Metaphysics with Marty Turner though much of her training is directly with Mother/Father/Creator/Spirit.

For more about Nancy:  See Testimonials”  and “About Nancy/Anahita”


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