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All spiritual healing and support offered on this website are intended as part of an integrated approach to healing and should not be considered a replacement for traditional medicine.

Thank you for your interest in my spiritual healing and consulting practice.  Below please find my list of services.  Please contact me either at, or on the contact box at the bottom of this page.  All work is on honor system basis.  I appreciate what you can comfortably afford.   You can also help by providing a testimonial and sharing about your experiences of my work with others who may also be interested and benefit from my healing practice.  Thank you…





Chrystal Rose Ray Healing Energy Healing by Distance or in person:  I have about thirty years experience working in the following modalities: Reiki Master Level, Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy and Magnified Healing.  However, Chrystal Rose Ray Healing is the predominant healing system I use.  I experienced it spontaneously in 2005 and have been receiving additional levels of this healing system and accompanying mantras to activate each level of energy.  I find it the most comprehensive, the most powerful, the most transformative and the most uplifting energy healing system I have encountered.  In healing terminal cancer in myself I used it and continue to use it almost daily.  There are several variations of Secheim, (meaning Life Force Healing from the ancient Egyptian tradition )activations within this system which includes kundalini activation, merkaba activation alignment and attunement, clearing energetic blocks physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Because illness indicates imbalance in one or more energy body; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and it has taken a period of time to develop a current health challenge it usually takes more than one treatment for complete healing but I have had patients who had spontaneous and instant healing and those who at least marked improvement with one session.  Click on “Testimonials” to read others experience with my healing work.

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Spiritual Guidance – by phone or in person:  The way I approach a spiritual guidance reading or consult is to view the energetic body as a diagnostic tool and see what interference may be happening in your energy fields which will give me insight to challenges you may be experience with health, self esteem, relationships, career etc.  The goal is to uncover and make conscious behaviors and choices that work against us and what the client needs for clarity, guidance and move forward productively in life.  Sometimes my clients get home work, because  our challenges are always stemming from our hearts and minds and misperceptions or ourselves and our world that we have inherited from our childhood that no longer serve us as adults.  If you know what is causing self sabotage then you become empowered to heal your life and yourself.  I believe that we are all Divine Humans and macrocosms of the microcosm of Creator, and therefore it is a matter of unleashing and clearing the debris of false perceptions to access paradigm shifts to happier more fulfilling ways of living and being in this world.  I am clairaudient and clairvoyant, and also work with oracle cards and tarot to provide means to insight on your behalf.


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Numerology Chart:  Using your full birth name and birth date, I create a chart for your upcoming numerological year and review the numbers influencing your life, work, relationships, finances etc.  Reading includes Soul Number; gifts from previous life times, Life Lesson – what you came to learn this life time, Outer personality Number – how others perceive you.  Through this process I can help you to be aware of what challenges may be coming up for you so you can utilize the number vibration of your year to it’s fullest potential and also avoid any adversities in the process of personal growth.

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Art by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Grail Keeper TrainingThis is a 9 month training that takes place once a month.  This year it will convene Sunday June 28, 2016.    You will be trained in the mystery traditions of the Grail including, healing, psychic development, spiritual development, deep relationship and right relationship with Mother Earth.  After a year and a day period of living and embodying the work you receive official priest/priestesshood as a Daughter or Son of the Rose, Grail Priest/Priestess and Grail Keeper.  The training includes  basic skills and spiritual practices for daily life in meditation, developing a three fold prayer to establish interface with The Goddess and The God who works with you in spirit as your guide, and the Divine Feminine/ Divine Masculine/Mother Father God complex.  Training in Sirian Shamanic traditions, stewardship of the spirit of place, the land, and Mother Earth including working with and healing Devic Intellegence of all creation from plants to crystals, etc.  Deep grounding practices and alignment for right relations with Mother Earth and the Elements for Creation which are also a part of us.  Sacred practices with the element of Water in particular.  Training in Dark Goddess/Bright Goddess healing work, Inner Child healing work, Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine self healing work.  You will receive attunement to Chrystal Rose Ray Healing which includes several variant secheim activations and energy healing training so that you are able to use it for self healing and healing others.  (Master Level attunement to the system is currently directly through me at this time).  You will also learning healing techniques specific and unique to these healing systems, and you will also be trained in psychic development, chakra and crystal healing in connection with the new rays that are contained in this healing system, and channeling.  At the end of the training you will receive the Holy Grail Annointing Rite/Daughtering Ceremony through the grace of the Motherhood of Light/Clan of the Mothers.  You will also receive the Master of Living Light Attunement.  After your year and a day training you will receive your certificate of Priesthood.

Learn to read Tarot Cards “Tarot as a Modern Day Mystery School”:  Online correspondence course.  At your own pace learn about the Major and Minor Arcana, the suits and numbers meanings, simple to advanced spreads, how your intuition works, channeling the guidance from the devic intelligence of the cards, simple spiritual practices to open psychic abilities and access your higher wisdom.  Each lesson will require your reading and homework and I will also do a phone consult to accompany each lesson and answer any questions you have in the process of  your studies.




There are a number of areas I have expertise in through life experience that I am offering on a consulting basis:


Mind, Body, Spirit Consult for healing and treating Cancer:  I have several years of experience in treating and recovery from Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer. I have fantastic protocals using food and supplements proven to kill cancer as a compliment to traditional approaches to healing, and inner work that can bring about paradigm shifts to viewing illness as an opportunity for initiation and rebirth.  I am also experienced in medical marijuana use for fighting cancer and can offer guidance and support on this topic.  You can work with me on an as need basis and multiple consult sessions or a single session.

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Autism, ADHD and Spectrum Disorders:  As a single mom of two children with dual diagnosis and a homeschooler, I have a wealth of experience and resources to share and support you including diet  and nutrition, environmental considerations and the spiritual component of how your child presents.



Spirit Releasement and Space Clearing: If your home or work space is feeling stagnant I can diagnosis earth energies and other energetic phenomenon and prescribe and perform space clearing and feng shui techniques to heal any discordant energy that you may be feeling in your work or living space.  Most of my work is done remotely, but I can come to your home for a diagnostic if necessary.  As a Sekhmet Priestess of Healing I am experienced in spirit releasement or what some are more familiar with by the term exorcism.  In Egyptian tradition the Sekhmet Priesthood was called upon for this work.  Fear is a four letter word that we are all here to transmute.  Disincarnate spirits and unpleasant beings do exist and our energy fields can be open to their influence through anything ranging from stress and crisis, to surgery, alchohol and substance abuse, etc.  Sometimes we hear thoughts that are not in keeping with who we are.  Sometimes we feel drained indefinitely for no reason that can be determined through traditional medical diagnostics.  Our energetic field can become damage through the demands of life and we become like a flower vase leaking water.  Like the flower our life force is drained and we don’t get the full benefit we out to be able to access due to holes and tears in the energy field.  I am able to clear interfering low vibrational beings and move them forward in their evolution and healing and restore your energy fields to healthy vibrancy.  Food and nutritional support may also be a consideration included in the discussion.


How to Meditate and Develop Your Psychic Abilities:  I can teach you skills to create a practice that works for your life style.  Can support stress reduction, general health, or developing psychic and spiritual abilities.  Learn about you and discover abilities you took for granted, name and cultivate them.