How to cleanse and bring in the light (to yourself or your space)

Having just moved into a new space, it is a busy time not just unpacking but spiritually and psychically cleansing the new space.  Any building is a repository for the energy of who ever resided in a space prior to your arrival for better or worse.

Everything is energy.  We exist in the quantum field.  We each vibrate at a frequency.  If you have done the work of healing and clearing the self on a regular basis, you will notice energy that resonates and that which does not resonate for you whether it be people or places.

To make a home space your own here are some suggestions for clearing out old stagnant energy and bringing in higher or inviting vibrational frequencies:

  1. Rosemary Oil Get a new butterfly mop, a bucket and a bottle of good quality Rosemary Essential Oil.  Run the water as  hot as possible, and put quite a few, say 20 drops of the oil in the water.  Wash all the walls with the Rosemary Water.  You will notice the water gets dirty so you will want to periodically change it out for a fresh batch with each room or as needed.  This recipe transmutes the old stagnant energy held in the walls that have been absorbed by previous dwellers.  It will leave the space smelling clean and invigorating.
  2. Sound – This is an incredibly powerful tool to transmute and move out old energy.  The more pure the sound the better.  I like the CD “The Hado of Water” Tube is a great resource for sound healing.  Try this “Schumman Earth Clearing” recording:, Buddhist and Hindu Chants can be very powerful for clearing.  I also like the power of light language. Judy Satori is an incredibly talented sound healer:
  3. The Silver/Violet/Gold Flame of Transmutation – This is a tool made available to us through the Ascended Master St. Germaine.  Over time as the light on Earth builds, the flame increases in power.  It started out as the Violet Flame, then Silver Violet to it’s most recent version.  Visualize the beautiful colors of silver and gold filaments circulating through violet flames and affirm the following mantra: “I am the flame of the silver, violet gold fire; I am the purity that God desires.  You can use this daily for your body, a room, an entire house or place or the spirit/Deva of the land.  Imagine the flame as big or as small as you need it to be.  If you can’t visualize, pretend you are visualizing!  Sometimes it is just a process of getting your right brain activated or building your intuitive muscles by giving permission to things like imagination.
  4. Salt Lamps – neutralize low vibrations and electromagnetic fields from technology.  They can be purchased on line or in health food stores.
  5. Sage and Salt – These are great tools for stagnant energy and low vibrational issues.  Slightly crack open windows and or doors, light the sage and affirm the anchoring of the light and the escorting of that which is not by Archangel Michael, Jesus or any being you call on for help.  Other inner plane energy Ninja’s to call on are: Lord Anubis, Sekhmet, Lord Ganesh, St. Alex, Ascended Masters Hilarion, Kutumi, and El Morya, Kali, Durga, Kwan Yin, Isis, Mother Mary, Lady Nada,  Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Anthony.  Pour the salt along the inside boundaries of the space where the floors meet the walls also calling in the light and affirming the which is not of the light be moved to it’s most right and appropriate place.
  6. Negative Beings, Spirits etc. – If you are in nature, you may be subject to negative elementals.  If you hear literally voices that aren’t yours saying nasty remarks, you can be assured you are not going crazy and your clairaudience is picking up the ill intentions of pesky critters on the inner planes.  If you go in to fear about them it actually feeds their energy and encourages them so you must remain neutral, this same mentality goes for disincarnate spirits and “demonic” beings.  First out loud let them know you are aware of them.  They like that you can’t necessarily see or sense them and they use that to their advantage to mess with you.  Tell them out loud that you are a child of God, a light being aligned with the light, and that you do not give permission for them to be there.  Tell them to get out firmly.  Call in the “Family of Light” as I like to call them; Archangel Michael, Lord Anubis, Mother Mary, Hilarion and ask them to escort the beings to the light.  Then you need to let go and trust it is accomplished.  It might take a day or two for the process to complete.  Never doubt the validity of your spiritual light.  You are more powerful then the dark disincarnates which is why they are in the situations they are in, in the first place.  Stay neutral with them, don’t get hooked in to manipulation or fear.  It is just like having healthy boundaries with people in the physical.  You have to be clear about what you will and will not allow in your life.  The more clear you become about this the less you will have these experiences.
  7. EMF’s – Electromagnetic Fields emanating from technology; TV’s, phones, laptops etc., create energy that weakens our natural light and diminishes the light in our personal space.  Cover these items with cloth to block the EMF’s when you aren’t using them.  Especially if they are in your sleep space.  Preferably they should not be.
  8. Detox – What type of foods do you consume?  Do you hydrate with water or beverages that are harder on your body to process like caffeine?  What type of programs do you watch or music do you listen to.  They say you are what you eat.  I would go further and say what you feed your soul, what you run in your home environment will perpetuate more of the same.  I am not a purist, but whole and organic foods will give you more life force than McDonalds.  Movies based in fear consciousness will run your unconscious programs and act as the filters you experience life through.  Making good, loving, life affirming choices of how we treat ourselves can go a long way to raising our vibrations, our outlook and our ability to self heal.

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