A Good Healer should never…

  • Tell a client they see “negative” energies around them, their belongings or home. Even if that is the case, that is not a healing compassionate or re-assuring approach to an individual’s circumstances.  Such a response puts the client into a fear consciousness response which can further complicate the healing, and it can be invalidating, diminishing and judging of their experience.  Healers need to hold a compassionate loving space because those who seek healing may already be traumatized and so it is our job to hold the light, to approach things even with a light heart to decompress the situation, and put the misqualified energy in it’s proper context.  Darkness in never more powerful then our light, no matter what!  If we as healers respond from a place of fear, the client picks up on that which further moves them out of the energy of receiving healing, peace or faith and trust in the healing process and their own spiritual light.  Instead with confidence say something else to the affect of “let’s clear any stagnant energy you are sensing”.  Also psychically or energetically tune in to the energy and do the clearing work with out the gory details so to speak in order to avoid stressing the client out.


  • Perform a healing without clearing yourself and the healing space first.  There should be self clearing and grounding practices that a good healer incorporates on a daily basis.  If you as a client are going to a healer’s office space, ask how they maintain their energy in the office.  If they don’t have a clearing practice, and you do, you could open yourself to someone else’s misqualified energy that is still lingering.  These energies seek the light because they seek resolution and help.  If for example it is a spirit attachment they typically have guilt about something they did in their incarnation and are subsequently afraid of going to the light, furthering their growth and evolution through reunion with Creator.  So they will hang around for facilitation even if you are not inviting them.  This actually has happened to me.  I went to a chiropractor who did not do clearing at all.  She was infested with all kinds of attachments and had no regular clearing practices for her own energy body or her office space, and she was also a shamanic healer surprisingly!  I had a terrible psychic attack subsequent to my visit and it took a day or two of communing with the spirit and moving it to the light.  Not what I had in mind for a chiropractic adjustment!


  • A Good Healer should never have fear about confronting misqualified energies in their clients or in themselves (This includes spirit attachments, negative elementals or ET’s, demonics etc).  If a healer can’t own the power of their own God given light, they are not going to be very successful in helping others.  If a healer has not worked on their own deeper levels and issues, soul wounds, have not faced, embraced, healed and integrated their own shadow in the process of transmutation, spiritual alchemy and achieving greater levels of wholeness and light within themselves, they can not a have a necessary wisdom to pass on to their clients as issues come up for processing and healing.  Healers who say things like they don’t acknowledge or deal with “dark” energy are actually splitting themselves off and through fear or lack of spiritual hygiene and spiritual practices can actually cause more emotional pain and trauma for their clients instead of the desired healing response.




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