Become a Daughter of the Rose – The Sisterhood of the Rose and The Motherhood of Light


Our Lady of Guadalupe


“The Divine Order of the Rose” is a spiritual Order that exists outside of physical reality, but essentially is made up of all beings who are aligned with and devoted to the will of Mother God, which is love, and have devoted themselves in service to Her love, her peace, her compassion for all life.

These beings include Saints, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels to name a few and it also includes people who have incarnated to serve, to uplift to help heal and love in a planet that is in tremendous need of these qualities and intentions.

If you wish to make yourself a worthy instrument for Creator to work through you all you really need to do is say it or pray it with meaning.

If you wish to join the Divine Order of the Rose, and make yourself and instrument for the Divine to work through you, you can use this channeled message from Isis back in 2008 to set your intention and pledge to spiritual sisterhood and brotherhood and embrace and put into practice the basic teachings of the Motherhood of Light, that She revealed to me at that time:

Isis speaks, “We are here as the Mothers of Humanity.  I am the Great Goddess and each of us is that also.  In (each of) you is a reflection of all I ever have and will be given to heal, to bring forward more deeply in divine hope and love.  Healing begins in the Heart Chakra.

With our hands placed on yours we seal this union.  With a kiss on each check, we seek each other up close in humanness.

With each chakra holds a key to special wisdom.  The key is honor these qualities as if each were a child of your own.

Honor yourself.  Perfect is each and every one flame.

In each others eyes, the wisdom of healing the soul can be taken in and given much attention.  Therefore see the true nature of who each woman is that you meet.

Honor her place, her path, out look, journey and offer the soul you words to heal the heart and the mind.

Honor her as she is you too.

In dimensional time and purpose we are coming with more light on the path of empowerment.

A world waits, wakens up for you are the children – Bringers of the New Dawn”.


“We are The Goddess in Her many forms; the archetype the ancient postscrip.  Everyone is blessed, a kin.

Heal the world: the planet, yourself

Love and be loved – and it will help

Deeply go within

Let it begin – in love we trust”

This channeled message became the basis of the intention still used today in the Daughtering/Priestess ordination in to the Divine Order of the Rose, and Grail Keeper Training where we consciously awaken to our direct and divine connection to Mother and our embodiment as Her Divine Daughter as well as the joy and responsibility that comes with such a powerful awakening.

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