Spiritual Life Coaches – Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddess and Gods…

planetary healing

I want to take a moment to dispel some misconceptions around the divine benevolent heavenly beings who support us through the inner planes.  I am referring to Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters etc.

Because patriarchal culture loves hierarchies, many people filter angels and other beings of light through this same concept and expectation.  But in fact , such systems do not exist.  From their perspective we are all part of the same family.  Though we may not be able to see them, they walk beside us as equals.  They understand how difficult it is to participate in the earth walk.  Our wins, our healing, our deeper alignment with the light, our living more consciously are not just our triumphs but theirs too.

I have a dear friend who relayed an experience with a channeler.  The channel told her that she worked with St. Germaine, but that my friend could not have the access to him that she, the Channeler had; that it was somehow exclusive to her because of her “psychic” talents.  These types of statements from some who work in this capacity really infuriate me, because it completely misrepresents the relationships we are meant to have with what I refer to as “The Family of Light”.   Every thing including us is part of the quantum field.  Every thing is energy vibrating at different rates whether it be your body or the chair you are sitting on.  Ascended Masters may be vibrating at a faster rate, but they are seeking to work with us and they especially desire we overcome the fear and indoctrination we have be subjected to in a myriad of institutions and life times.  They don’t want us to be afraid of them and they encourage all of us to open our hearts and cultivate our psychic senses and faith in our God given abilities to see, hear and feel, and yes channel the energy, the light, the healing in partnership with them.

For we too are God Beings.  It’s just that no one wants us to know the truth, or to believe or own this about ourselves. Because once we do, a lot of people will be going out of business. As we realize just what we are capable of when we align with the light, when we shift our left brained ways of being to the right brained ways and affirm as practiced by the Essenes giving thanks for what we desire as if it is already accomplished, our lives begin transforming.

I used to consider myself to be a terrible manifestor.  I used to think it worked for others but not me.  Then I was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer.  I had it everywhere.  My oncologist said ‘where doesn’t she have it’.  I have many oracle decks and after my emergency surgery I was doing oracles when I got home.  I kept getting messages like “Heal, healer, healed”.  “Miracle Healing”.  “Expect a miracle”.  I asked my visit nurse who had a strong spiritual connection what to make of all these messages in light of my diagnosis, which seemed not so great.  She said, “You just thank God for that”, emphatically.  She knew what the universe was trying to tell me, that I could not fully comprehend in my traumatized state.  She said,” I know this is hard to wrap your brain around, but I want you to pray every day giving thanks for your healing as if it has already happened.”  I figured I had nothing to lose even if I did not have a great track record with manifesting.  So every day and every night I began giving thanks to Creator for healing me and making me whole.  Even when I did not believe, I still said it.  I wasn’t expected to recover for a year, if I was lucky and yet in 5 1/2 months I recovered.  My subsequent PET CT scan showed no cancer whatsoever.  None could be found!

A few months later I saw Wayne Dyer on a PBS presentation.  He had been through Leukemia and researched the Essene mode of prayer; affirming that which you desire as if it is already accomplished, just as I had been practicing for many months before.  It turns out according to his research, the right brain only understands what we tell it.  This is why the Essene Mode of Prayer works.  He says that what you desire needs to be believable.  I could not believe I was supposed to die, with two young children who needed me.

Everything is energy, including our words and thoughts – for better or worse literally.   We really need to be so much more mindful of how we use them.  Words can heal, transform or destroy us.

A few months later I heard a voice say take what you have learned from this experience and use it in your life.  Things have never been the same.  The more you work in this way, the more faith you build, like any muscle.

You see we can’t evolve this planet until we heal the pervasive fear consciousness that is held in many of us and in this planet as a result of what emotions we have charged Mother Earth‘s body with.  God is not fear.  God is love.  There is an ongoing interest and investment in the evolution of humanity.  We are in a sense like a new baby being born that these high level beings have served as midwife to in a sense.

When we experience what our bodies and our spirits are capable of in partnership with the Divine we realize anything is possible.  That is how we step in to our self-mastery.  The Archangels and Ascended Masters are our life coaches cheering us on, knowing together we are stronger.  And in fact, we are all connected, we are the Family of Light, we are the Sons and the Daughters of Light, our separation from Creator an illusion the Divine is taking down brick by brick

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