Sacred Water Mysteries Revealed – Part 2 – Invocation to Water

chalice well

Photo of Chalice Well

Water mysteries have been lost from us and we have taken the power of water, the anointing of Mother God for granted.

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Here is a prayer I use daily when I shower to bring my conscious awareness to the sacredness of being present with the divine flow of water whether it be a bath or a shower. I infuse, intend and raise my own consciousness to empower the water with its original blueprint of Mother God’s waters of life so that as it goes back to the earth it will restore the waters and lands it comes in contact with.

Mother says that was we bathe we are restored to our innocence.  Because She loves us She only sees us through the eyes of love.  We are ever loved by Her and never judged.

Water is the element we are birthed into life on this planet, and it is the continuum of the Divine Flow of Mother God’s sacred spiral of life, which is eternal.  Therefore we flow with Her in all endings and beginnings in physical incarnation and back into the eternal when we leave the body.  In this way when we bathe or shower, we align with Her great divine flow consciously once more with each day we are given a “reset button” of renewal, a new day, a new perspective by which we can choose to refresh our outlook on life and ourselves.  For such grace and compassion we must see the power of water in a new light and we must give thanks when ever we use water.

My prayer to Water:

“These waters are the cleansing, clearing, healing, purifying waters, the power the magic the blood of Isis/Mary (or by what ever name you identify with Mother God). By these waters I am purified, by these waters I am made whole.

Every drop returns and touches every molecule of water and soil restoring the Divine Feminine to the grid of Mother Earth once more and circulates the entire planet in purity, love, light and wholeness.

Sending the energy of love back down through your feet too just as many Goddesses do:

“Maha Shakti
Maha Shakti
Maha Shakti”

“Maha” meaning Great or Ultimate and “Shakti” meaning power or life force.

Intend your body be an instrument for the Divine to channel healing light through you back into the planet.

May the light fill you and surround you. Sekh’m Secheim…Anahita Aurora

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