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mom and kids

Me with my children CJ and Nate


All spiritual healing and support offered on this website are intended as part of an integrated approach to healing and should not be considered a replacement for traditional medicine.


I have spent a life time studying healing and seeking the keys to unleash my own healing.  What I have learned is to allow life to be the teacher, to pay attention to the signs from the universe, to trust our inner knowing.

Crisis serves as the modern day temples of initiation.  We must always ask no matter how difficult our circumstances “what does this situation have to teach me?”, “what am I not comprehending, that I need to understand?”, “what can bringing me into deeper understanding, peace, love or wholeness?”  These questions have served me well through many life crises.

Each soul is a diamond and often only the hardest of circumstances can polish our unrefined and disowned parts of ourselves as the goal of soul integration and the return path of wholeness, oneness with Creator.

Embracing our fears, cleansing the heart, healing our inner children, and observing our judgements and surrendering them are some of the steps to the Path of Love.  Choosing love, not fear, is choosing the God Being within, the Christed Self.  We well know of the Male Christ traditions, but the Female Christ traditions have been stripped away for many generations to disempower and diminish women.  For example, Jesus could not have fulfilled his mission without Mary Magdelene witnessing his resurrection.  The Counsel of Nicea removed all of the documentation of her full role.  It has only been in more recent times that scholarship as revealed the Twin Flame nature of these two high level beings of Light who were bringing a powerful and controversial message for it’s time; one of the equal and sacred partnership of the Divine Feminine and Masculine compliment.  We are just on the cusp of remembering this in ourselves and restoring this truth in our bodies and the body of the Goddess, Mother Earth.

Why are some of us afraid to envision the equality of God the Mother with God the Father?  It may be a paradigm shift, but it is a healing one to understand that Mother God is not a second class citizen, just as women should not be.  When we can heal our perception of God, we will heal ourselves.  When we can understand the Divinity of the Feminine, not just the masculine and we can see through the distortions in our culture of what it means to be male or female, we will clear a path through fear within ourselves and our world.

The repression of this earlier truth has created an imbalance of power, a world in crisis, and pain for every human being affected by western culture. My Mystery School Course “Grail Keeper Training” and Energy Healing system “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing” are practices that can lead to healing and recovering the experience of the christed Self, no matter who you are, so that we can reclaim and embody once more “The Path of Love”.   I believe we are infact all God Beings, Divine Humans, as microcosms of the macrocosm.  Our culture has certainly suppressed what we are fully capable of and I believe intentionally.  Every moment we are choosing whether we are living and acting from a place of empowerment, meaning our love/light quotient, or not.  Our culture is so poisoned with toxic perceptions of who we are, so distorted and far removed from the simple truth of our spiritual light power.   Only when we say no to the messages of the culture and yes to the heart can we know our power and who we really are.

I am a mom of two beautiful little boys, a Priestess of Aset/Sekhmet/Magdelene and “The Motherhood of Light”, a Benendanti, Good Walker, or Lightworker, and an energy healer for 30 years.  I began to receive spontaneous activations to what I learned to be “Golden   Secheim Healing” around 2005 when I was in the process of my training via correspondence course for priestesshood to Aset/Mary and Sekhmet in the Fellowship of Isis. As spiritual Fellowship not at all related to the more recent radical movement in the Middle Ease with Isil/Isis.  .

The guidance I have received about the meaning of “Sekhem/Secheim” is akin to “Yin and Yang“.  It is the Solar or Christed Divine Masculine and Feminine frequencies that heal.  It is also the Path of Love, the Path of Balance of the Twin Flame of Isis and Osiris.  To walk the Path of Love is to live Secheim, much like the saying in native American traditions of “Walking the Good Red Road”, or “The Tao”.

In 2008 I also had experiences with more Goddess, a collective who referred to themselves as “The Great White Motherhood”, “Motherhood of Light”, and “The Clan of the Mothers”.  They taught me practices and traditions called “Holy Grail Annointing Rite” they gave me to pass on to those who wish to waken the Divine Feminine and receive the Goddess Mysteries.  You will find information about this on this blog also.

Thank you for visiting.  If you have any questions or inquiries you can contact me at anahita444@inbox.com or motherhoodoflight@gmail.com.

May the light fill you and surround you.  Sekhm, Secheim…

Nancy (Anahita Aurora)

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